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own style.

Make yours work for you.
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See how we use proven techniques.

It’s madness out there.

We have a method
to keep you sane.

See how our training gets results.

Practice makes us
60% more effective
right away.

takes a little longer.

See how reinforcement increases effectiveness.

Training sessions
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Client Kudos

MOHR Ideas

NRF SmartBrief

“We selected MOHR because of your focus in the retail segment and our observation of really understanding retail from a multi-unit perspective. The MOHR team has done a great job in working with us in adapting the materials to fit the uniqueness of Things Remembered while still maintaining the core principles of the program.”
Adam Boucher
SVP, Chief Operating Officer
Things Remembered Inc.
“I found the RNS training session very helpful. The session provided valuable insights in many different ways. First, it helped me understand the makeup of my management style and how I needed to adjust to maximize the talents of my team. Understanding what makes them tick and what motivates them will help me get the most of their talent. Second, it allowed my team to better understand me. This will lead to more productive meetings and hopefully an even better working relationship. ”
Philo Pappas
EVP, Merchandising
Michaels Crafts
“21 out of the 22 DMs in the recent Retail Multiunit Management (RMM) program were internal promotes! Seven of them were also certified Retail Store Leadership (RSL) trainers. We definitely are helping achieve the client's goal of increasing internal promotes!”
Deb Brown
Senior Retail Consultant
“Why did we choose MOHR? QUALITY. MOHR gets retail. They speak the language, they understand the real life issues, and they have instant credibility. The training programs are rigorous in design, and the examples and exercises are high quality.”
Todd Chandler
Director, OD & Training
Helzberg Diamonds
October 17, 2014 | By michael | Retail Sales

3 Steps to Turning Retail Salespeople into Trusted Advisors

It seems the death of retail stores in the wake of the growth of digital technology and e-commerce has been a little exaggerated. After all, that big digital nemesis Amazon is joining the bricks and mortar crowd.

October 17, 2014 | By michael | Editorial

We're Moving!

We've outgrown our offices that have been our professional home for over twelve years. There will be official details going out to all of our clients shortly. The new space is larger, more functional, and on a special note to all of us, located in a building of a former regional Department Store! Perfect for this group of retailers. But like moving one's personal home, moving means more than changing locations.

October 01, 2014 | By MOHR | Retail Negotiations

New negotiation mindset

The very word 'negotiation' can stir up strong emotions. In retail, Buyers and Category Managers negotiate daily, constantly are dealing with shifting realities, customer expectations, and market changes. The mindset you have when you come to negotiate influences in many important and different ways.


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